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  Hanif (Abu Omar)

  94 776 122 388 / 94 727 496 203

  34 3/1, 3rd Floor, Galle Road, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka

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At Arab Lanka Tours & Travels we specialise in tailor-made travel to Sri Lanka. We have always believed that luxury is in the experience. We love working with people who love travelling and who enjoy life to the full. Real luxury is being able to do what you want, when you want to. For us, this involves leaving behind the crowds, finding somewhere beautiful and meeting people who inspire or move us through their way of life.

We can recommend the perfect hotel to suit you, be it one of our five star favourites or a home-stay where you dine with charming hosts at their table. Personally, we feel that the perfect luxury holiday is a combination of both. Every journey is tailored to our clients’ requirements - whatever their idea of fun or relaxation may be and we understand that not everyone wants the same thing. Let us take care of the details while you sit back and enjoy the ride.


"We aim to excite the senses of every Arab through authentic greenery travel experiences, opening up the ensconced beauty of nature averting any compromisations to their own culture and values."


We are a travel agent specializing in tours to Sri Lanka for every Arab. Our clients are knowledgeable, open-minded and curious, wanting a travel experience that indulges in the true undisturbed greenery and natural environments of Sri Lanka. In an effort to meet our client’s needs, we endeavor to offer travel adventures that are genuine and intense while sustainbly exploring every edge of natural beauty the country has to offer. With dramatic and thrilling close to nature tours, we aim to have every Arab visit Sri Lanka and return home with a unique story to tell.

M I M Haniffa (Abu Omar),
Founder and Managing Director of Arab Lanka Tours & Travels